About All-N-One Therapy, Inc.

2013-08-06_155308All-N-One Therapy, Inc. was founded in 2002 by Dr. Marvin Porter and is licensed in the following areas:

  • Counseling Psychology
  • Nationally Certified Custody Evaluator (NCCE)
  • Nationally Certified Parenting Coordinator (NCPC)
  • Clinical Sexual Offender Specialist
  • Certified Domestic Violence Assessor
  • Licensed Parent Educator



Dr. Marvin Porter has a mission to promote an eclectic and integrative approach to therapy; matching therapy to the client’s stage and level of change.  Our objective is to create a therapeutic alliance to allow each client the tools that will help him or her in managing future life events.


  • Ÿ  Licensed Mental Health Counselor
  • Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Dependency Mediator
  • American Counselor Association
  • Association of Family Court, Community
  • Florida Association of Professional Family Mediators
  • Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
  • Professional Academy of Custody Experts
  • American Psychotherapy Association


We place a high value on the confidentiality of the information that our clients share with us.  We make every reasonable effort to safeguard the personal information of the client. If for some reason there is a need to share information, clients will be consulted and asked to sign a form authorizing a transfer of the information.  There are several instances when confidential information may be released to others, a few are:

  1. a referral of a client by the Court
  2. Clients involved in litigation and informed the court of the services that they received from us
  3. Clients threaten to harm themselves or others
  4. Abuse or neglect of children
  5. when clients waive their rights to have their records protected


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